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July 2014

#TTT Angel, It Wasn’t Me…

Yooo itsmarcelj and it's time for another #TTT. This week I decided to go with two tracks because when I think of the first track, my mind automatically goes to the other. "Angel" and "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy remain... Continue Reading →


McCartney takes us back In Technicolor

When Jesse McCartney was in his peak popularity I don't think I was part of his demographic but listening to his latest release "In Technicolor" I definitely like where he decided to go musically. With a sound that gives me... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kill The MAGIC!

Why ya gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? I don't think I need to tell you what song these lyrics are from because if you've been by a radio or watched any music channel than you... Continue Reading →

#PlayThisPlaylist – July 27 2014

Yooo itsmarcelj and I think it's time to introduce another feature I want to start doing more called #PlayThisPlaylist. Pretty basic concept I post a playlist of songs I'm currently digging and hopefully you enjoy those songs and maybe share... Continue Reading →

#TTT – Ready or Not

Yoooo itsmarcelj and I believe it's a new week so I think a #TTT is in order. Last week I let you guys into a guilty pleasure of mine with the song "Chemicals React" but today I'm switching genres and... Continue Reading →

Open the Rap Gates

On one of my recent trips down the YouTube rabbit hole where I click one video and end up closing the app 20 videos later... Tonight I've listened to some artists that need to blow up ASAP! ¬†With artists like... Continue Reading →

#TTT – Chemicals React

Yoooo to the internet and everyone looking at it through their macs and cellphones Itsmarcelj and its time to introduce a new feature that will become a weekly thing (at least that's the plan). I'm calling it #ThrowbackTrackThursdays borrowing from... Continue Reading →

Selfies, Stereotypes, and Critical Acclaim – Wavves Radio by itsmarcelj on SoundCloud Check out a segment from an old episode of my radio show with my co-host Jordan and guest AJ! We review the song "Selfie" and it leads to a talk on stereotypes.

I was Made In L.A and Souled Out…

Yoooo readers of this blog itsmarcelj and I always love a talented family. Now if you're looking at the post title and have no idea where this post is going... I'm not here to break the news that I'm starting... Continue Reading →

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