Open the Rap Gates

On one of my recent trips down the YouTube rabbit hole where I click one video and end up closing the app 20 videos later… Tonight I’ve listened to some artists that need to blow up ASAP!  With artists like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea in the spotlight people forget that there are tons of rappers (specifically female) that are dope (Azealia Banks, Angel Haze and Rapsody to name a few); Check out some artists below that I think should be instantly added to your now playing list:


Signed with Pharell’s label “I Am Other”, one listen to Bia’s latest track “La Tirana” was all it took to be sold on her potential. From the look, bars, style and presence I can tell she’s a problem just waiting for the opportunity to show everyone what she can do.
Sidenote: The director (Shomi Patwary) and producer (Crystal Caines) of the video for “La Tirana” are on my radar too, the video is crazy!

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I’ve heard the name Nyemiah Supreme a few times over the years because of her working/signing with Timbaland but I finally took a chance to listen to what she can really do. From working with Juelz Santana and Jim Jones she’s paid her dues and I believe knows what it takes to make it big in the music biz. I definitely see her having a prominent spot to the masses when her reality show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” comes out in August (Check out Bia and Brianna Perry on the show as well).

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Every since a freestyle over the hit “Monster” in 2010 Nitty has been gaining steam and creating a presence for herself in the indie lane. Through mixtapes and her most recent EP “The Boombox Diaries” Nitty is trying to spit a message and get listeners to be more conscious when they listen to her music. With a feature from Kendrick Lamar under her belt and a music video funded by her fans on kickstarter, I want to hear Nitty’s name when we’re talking about rappers that need to be heard.



Brianna Perry’s mixtape Symphony No. 9 is currently sitting in my iTunes with a couple spins. Aside from working for her rap career, Perry just graduated from the University of Miami and appearing on a female hip-hop focused reality show in August is keeping her pretty busy. I really like Perry’s flow,  and with collaborations from artists like Pusha T and Trina, it won’t be long before more listeners check out her 6 mixtapes, 4 singles, various viral freestyles and whatever else Brianna Perry has planned for the future.

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Are you fans of any of the artists on my list? Who else should I check out? Tell me below!

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