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Music Field Trip: Brandy – Full Moon

Time for a Music Field Trip đŸšƒđŸ“» Full Moon | Released on: March 5th 2002 First Spin Reaction: I LOVE Brandy's voice. Full Moon was one of the first albums I bought on cd and while I liked how it... Continue Reading →


Zara Larsson Is So Good, So Good, So Good, SO GOOD On Her International Debut Album 

There is so much pressure in releasing a debut album to the world. Depending on the size of your fanbase and where you are in your career, a debut album can be an introduction to the artist you want to... Continue Reading →

Kacey Musgraves Gains A New Fan With Sophomore Album ‘Pageant Material’

I never thought I'd be featuring country music on this site but when you are fan of good music, sticking to genres becomes boring and irrelevant. Kacey Musgraves is the artist that has made me waive my no country preference... Continue Reading →

Tinashe’s Giving You The ‘Ride Of Your Life’ on Latest Joyride Single

With each new single release from Tinashe I become more excited of the possibilities for her sophomore effort Joyride hopefully dropping sooner than later. After supplying a calm yet ample low key banger with "Party Favors". Teaming up with Chris Brown... Continue Reading →

ANTI Was Worth The Wait

3 singles, 3 music videos, and almost three years of anticipation led to the moment of ANTI's release. The rocky release came a little premature on Wednesday January 27 when some clumsy, most likely fired soul (or the less boring... Continue Reading →

Niykee Heaton Continues To Keep Things Exciting with New Music and NBK Movement Niykee Heaton , independent artist, leader of NBK Movement and persistent thirst trapper on the gram hasn't been featured on my site since September of last year! So I feel the need to update you guys on my favorite... Continue Reading →

Troye Sivan Is Letting Listeners Into His Blue Neighbourhood

#TeamInternet seems to be making groundbreaking moves for the YouTube community everyday and I continue to become more inspired by the movement. These creatives have found a way to to make a seemingly simple hobby into million dollar careers with... Continue Reading →

Do you know Who Is Fancy?

Anonymity seems to be lost in our world of social media and iPhones. Being an artist isn’t just about being able to play an instrument, write a lyric or having amazing vocals (Some artists succeed while lacking all of this),... Continue Reading →

Open the Rap Gates

On one of my recent trips down the YouTube rabbit hole where I click one video and end up closing the app 20 videos later... Tonight I've listened to some artists that need to blow up ASAP!  With artists like... Continue Reading →

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