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January 2017

Little Mix Embrace Their Inner Grown Woman In ‘Touch’ Visual As soon I saw the Director X and Parris Goebel directed visual for Little Mix's latest single "Touch" I was left with two opinions that varied greatly on the political correct spectrum. First thought, I love the colorful visual!... Continue Reading →


Fifth Harmony Is Even Better Together With First 2017 Performance 

"We ain't worried bout nothing / We ain't worried bout nada!" These are the first lines sung in harmony by the unstoppable ladies of Fifth Harmony (aka the only reason anyone tuned into the People's Choice Awards). The transition from... Continue Reading →

An Interview Wearing Sweatpants Shorts 

*For my 300th post on this website, I'm going to share the first part of a three part short story/reflection on my first couple of months in New York. Those months weren't easy and they were pretty much my lowest... Continue Reading →

Are You Tuned Into The Pregame? 

College can be four of the best or worst years of your life depending on how you choose to tackle them. For me, I came into college with intentions to escape countless years of repetivity and a goal to find... Continue Reading →

Julia Michaels Pens A Hit For Herself With ‘Issues’

Shoutout to the songwriters using their talent to craft their own hits and share their own stories. Throughout my journey of becoming a music enthusiast I've become enamored with the people behind the scenes of my favorite music. From songwriters... Continue Reading →

The Pregame: Blocks, Shots & Rejection

The Podcast: On episode seven of The Pregame I shared my thoughts on relationships and rejection. Starting off with the cringeworthy situation between Leah Mcsweeny and Michael Che. Rejection can hurt whether it be on an iMessage thread or in... Continue Reading →

Sza’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ Has Been On Repeat All Weekend 

Aside from working my life away, most of my weekend was spent playing then replaying Sza's new single "Drew Barrymore". My love for TDE's First Lady is everlasting and the wait for her previously titled A EP/album has been torturous.... Continue Reading →

Tinashse Is Ready To Take Over 2017 

STOP SLEEPING ON TINASHE  I'm sorry, usually I'm not that direct when I'm writing about an artist I love but when I see an artist that sings, writes, produces and most importantly PERFORMS consistently and they're still being slept on... Continue Reading →

Normani Kordei Drops Glorious ‘Don’t Touch My Hair / Cranes In The Sky’ Mashup 

We're only six days into 2017 and Normani Kordei decided to bless us with her angelic vocals on a new cover. Last night Kordei exclusively dropped a cover of Solange's mesmerizing "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes In The Sky"... Continue Reading →

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