#TTT – Chemicals React

Yoooo to the internet and everyone looking at it through their macs and cellphones

Itsmarcelj and its time to introduce a new feature that will become a weekly thing (at least that’s the plan). I’m calling it #ThrowbackTrackThursdays borrowing from the well-known #TBT that everyone loves to use to post old pics when they feel nostalgic about their pasts. Every Thursday I want to post a song that I use to love that I consider a “throwback” and I’d love to hear your #TTT so comment them below!

This week my #TTT is Chemicals React by 78Violet formerly known as Aly & AJ. I can already imagine the people who know me dying that at the fact that I love or even know that song but if you really know me, you know I love all genres and there’s a place in my heart for Disney artists that can actually sing.

From the tone of the song to hearing Aly & AJ’s signature unison singing (with some harmonizing in between) it takes me back to a simpler time when flip phones were dope and if I had to wait for Disney Channel to play the music video random times during the day to hear “Chemicals React”. The songs ADDICTIVE and as you can see I still go back to it from time to time.

While I wait for 78violet to release an album or even the full length version of “Suspended”, “Chemicals React” and their album “Insomniac” will have to hold me over , but that’s the first song in the #TTT feature.

Tell me your #TTT in the comment section below or if you also love “Chemicals React” let me know so I don’t feel alone or too embarrassed haha.

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