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Le Youth + Tay Beckham Team Up For Infectious ‘Boomerang’ Single If the name Le Youth sounds unfamiliar, I'm suggesting a quick listening session of the LA artist on Soundcloud ASAP. The DJ/Producer is perfecting his style of mixing feel-good 90s R&B music with addictive house beats. Le Youth's "Real"... Continue Reading →


Rihanna and Drake’s Chemistry Reaches New Levels in ‘Work’ Music Videos 

I love when Rihanna and Drake decide to collaborate on a record. From the smash "What's My Name" to the more emotional "Take Care" and now wine inducing "Work" the duo can't seem to go wrong! Instead of bringing the... Continue Reading →

Selena Gomez Makes Crazy Look Beautiful In ‘Hands To Myself’ Visual

It's hard to imagine Selena Gomez having to stalk anyone for their attention but the visual for her latest single "Hands To Myself" brings that idea to life in a minimalist glass house. Directed by Alek Keshisian, the sexy visual... Continue Reading →

Miley Cyrus Releases Her Inner Feelings With ‘BB Talk’

Miley Cyrus can't handle the fucking goo. Her words not mine off of "BB Talk" her latest single from her free experimental album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Produced by Oren Yoel (Asher Roth's "Lark On My Go Kart"... Continue Reading →

Beyonce and Nicki Perform ‘Feeling Myself’ Together For The First Time and It’s Epic

Last night was a night of epic proportions as Tidal took over Brooklyn's Barclays Center for the Tidal X: 10 20 concert. There aren't too many concert lineups with artists as huge as Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Rick Ross... Continue Reading →

Visual Pick of the Week – Aug 16th 2015

I already let you guys in on the ‘Top 5 Listens’ for the week and I have one more new idea for the site. Alongside the songs I’m listening to for the week, I want to showcase one video that... Continue Reading →

Taylor Swift’s Clique Is Your New Squad Goals In Bad Blood Music Video!

Country crooner turned reigning pop princess Taylor Swift is a complete bad ass in her new video for "Bad Blood". Usually I like to set a post up with some background info on the artist or what led said artist... Continue Reading →

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce Remain On Fleek in Visuals For “Feeling Myself”

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce decided to casually drop a bomb in the form of a visual for “Feeling Myself” exclusively on the music streaming app Tidal (#TidalForAll remember?). If the mere announcement of this visual didn’t get you excited and ready... Continue Reading →

Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist – April 17th 2015!

I'm very excited for this playlist and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the stream of new Yeezy music that's been coming out or that a majority of these songs are making me want to let loose at my nearest dance... Continue Reading →

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