About Me, Marcel J

Hello readers and random internet bots I’m Marcel and this is itsmarcelj.com, a site dedicated to helping music lovers discover new music. While this site has my name plastered everywhere, I like to think itsmarcelj.com is for anyone that wants to find something new to listen to. It takes me back to the days in 6th grade when I would make mix cds for my friends whenever they asked me for music recommendations. Or my initial love for music in my younger days, searching through my mom’s massive cassette tape collection and listening to old school R&B during car rides with my dad. Music has been a part of my life since my ears were formed enough to hear sound and I’ll never get tired of finding that new song to obsess over for the weeks to come or helping someone else find their new song for the moment. When clicking on this random website from a tweet or strenuous google search, you most likely thought this was just another music blog…well it’s a little more than that. 

Everyday I’m constantly falling in and out love with new music and if I had the time, I’d post everything but since I’m a recent graduate that’s just moved to New York, trying to land the career of my dreams before my debt payments start kicking in, you probably won’t see new posts everyday. But no worries, I frequently update this site and I’m always trying to consistently post as much as possible (“trying” is the keyword). So look around, find something you love and share your music finds with me, I love finding new stuff!
Thanks for reading! Now go listen to some music.

Contact Information: 


Twitter: @itsmarcelj

Instagram: @itsmarcelj

Mixcloud: @itsmarcelj

Soundcloud: onthewavve 

Tumblr: @influencethemasses

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