#TTT – Ready or Not

Yoooo itsmarcelj and I believe it’s a new week so I think a #TTT is in order. Last week I let you guys into a guilty pleasure of mine with the song “Chemicals React” but today I’m switching genres and chose “Ready or Not” by The Fugees.

Now when “Ready or Not” was first released in ’96 I was two so I honestly have no idea when I first heard the song but I remember always having it on repeat when realplayer was a thing.

This song has a depressed feel to it, that always hits me in waves whenever I hear it. I love when songs can do that and being little I didn’t know about everything they were saying but I could feel it, every artists should strive to make their listeners feel the emotions of their music.

Ready or not hear I come you can’t hide…gonna find you and take it slowly /

If I could rule the world Everyone would have a gun in the ghetto of course

Other than the singles, I haven’t heard a lot from Fugees but hey I’m young and still have some time to revisit their classics but for now I’ll just vibe out to “Ready or Not” and think about the old days.

If you were in love with “Ready or Not” as much as I was and still am let me know in the comments below. Also tell me your #TTT this week so we can go down memory lane on YouTube together

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