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June 2014

“Best song wasn’t the single…or on the main album” – Florida Kilos

It took some time to appreciate Lana Del Rey's new masterpiece Ultraviolence When Del Rey released Ultraviolence a couple of weeks ago, I like most fans of her debut was extremely excited to hear what she's been cooking up since... Continue Reading →


I don't think I truly appreciate my show WAVVES Radio with the Whale untill the summer time when I can't do the show. It's crazy thinking that in the fall I'll be returning to my third year with the show... Continue Reading →

These Things Happen (Album Review)

Although I got off the iPhone train, Apple still has a hold on me when it comes to iTunes,well the midnight album releases are something I don't want to give up yet. June 23, 2014 (or tonight) G-Eazy released his... Continue Reading →

Can U Check Out Love Dollhouse’s New Single “Can I” ?

All right folks, new post means another look into my love of music and maybe some insight on my life (If you care about that part). I've always had a love for girl groups, it's kind of funny looking at that... Continue Reading →

Guess I can make films now?

"Time flies...” I'm sorry for the cheesy, obvious saying but those words have constantly been on my mind since I started college. I decided to go the productive route this summer and take some broadcasting courses. It’s pretty mind blowing... Continue Reading →

Summer Playlist

It's starting to feel a little more like summer. Now that we're past the deadly temperatures (Michigan weather...) and it feels like the inside of an oven when I get into my car I think it's time for a playlist... Continue Reading →

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