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February 2015

Zedd and Selena Gomez team up for smash I Want You to Know

Zedd’s debut album Clarity, released in 2012 was my first dive into the electronic music genre. I liked a few singles and appreciated the genre but I hadn’t got into a full album before Zedd's release. Full of storming production,... Continue Reading →


Do you know Who Is Fancy?

Anonymity seems to be lost in our world of social media and iPhones. Being an artist isn’t just about being able to play an instrument, write a lyric or having amazing vocals (Some artists succeed while lacking all of this),... Continue Reading →

A Summer In London: First Meeting

So last night I attended my first program meeting. Throughout this semester I have three meetings that will give me more info on the trip to London and if they’re as exciting as the first meeting than I don’t know... Continue Reading →

A Summer In London

Travelling has been something I wanted to do at very early age. I remember my niece Darla and I would look at tons of travel books because she was obsessed with places like Japan and Europe and I would try... Continue Reading →

The Daily Struggle of Life Sometimes…

There are a few moments where I decide to dedicate posts to topics that aren't music related but tonight I feel like spewing out some life thoughts. For the people who like reading my music posts, thank you! I love... Continue Reading →

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