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The Pregame

The Pregame: GET OUT

I haven't been so impacted and motivated to convince everyone around me to see a movie in a long time. Last week I saw Jordan Peele's satirical, horror, box office killer Get Out and its led to so many interesting... Continue Reading →


Are You Tuned Into The Pregame? 

College can be four of the best or worst years of your life depending on how you choose to tackle them. For me, I came into college with intentions to escape countless years of repetivity and a goal to find... Continue Reading →

The Pregame: Blocks, Shots & Rejection

The Podcast: On episode seven of The Pregame I shared my thoughts on relationships and rejection. Starting off with the cringeworthy situation between Leah Mcsweeny and Michael Che. Rejection can hurt whether it be on an iMessage thread or in... Continue Reading →

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