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SZA Captures The Ups And Downs Of (Not)Having CTRL On Debut Album 

"That is my greatest fear. That if, if I lost control.Or did not have control, things would just, you know. I would be fatal..."  The opening lines from SZA's LONG (emphasis on long) awaited debut album ctrl come from her... Continue Reading →


Khalid Embodies The Good and Bad of Youth With Debut Album ‘American Teen’

Khalid garnered attention with his debut single "Location" and since then his wave of good vibes and good music keep flowing. Earlier this month the El Paso native released his debut album American Teen and the impressive LP has led... Continue Reading →

Zara Larsson Is So Good, So Good, So Good, SO GOOD On Her International Debut Album 

There is so much pressure in releasing a debut album to the world. Depending on the size of your fanbase and where you are in your career, a debut album can be an introduction to the artist you want to... Continue Reading →

Terror Jr Supplies The Bops With Debut EP 

Terror Jr became the mysterious pop group of my dreams when they dropped their first single on a Kylie Jenner glosses commercial earlier this year and now we have a bop filled EP to get us through the rest of 2016... Continue Reading →

Tinashe Takes Us On A Nightride Detour Before the Final Destination 

Versatility, control and self awareness are three qualities that I love to see in an artist in today's music landscape. Trends die as soon as they are born in the meme filled internet pages and "good" singers can be found... Continue Reading →

Everyone Rejoice To Frank Ocean’s Long Awaited Sophomore Album ‘Blond’

When artists release a debut album as incredible as Frank Ocean's Channel Orange their status in the music industry seems to change overnight. Suddenly your sought out to pen for the best in the game and fans are clamoring for... Continue Reading →

Desiigner Is Finding His Sound On Debut Mixtape ‘New English’ At 19 years old Sidney Royel Selby III better known as Desiigner exploded on to the scene with a single that would reach number one on Billboard and bring his chaotic style to the forefront of hip hop. "Panda" quickly... Continue Reading →

Drake Reflects On Life on Top With ‘Views’

“6 cold like Alaska / Views already a classic…” On April 28th also known as #VIEWSEve on Twitter, Drake joined Zane Lowe for a hour long interview on Apple Music exclusive OVOSOUNDRADIO to discuss the journey of working on his... Continue Reading →

Lemonade: Why I Enjoyed The Album That Wasn’t Made For Me When Beyonce decided to stop the world once again and drop her visual album Lemonade  on HBO and later Tidal, I felt all the emotions that now come with the event of a Beyonce album drop. Watching Lemonade with a... Continue Reading →

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