McCartney takes us back In Technicolor

When Jesse McCartney was in his peak popularity I don’t think I was part of his demographic but listening to his latest release “In Technicolor” I definitely like where he decided to go musically.

With a sound that gives me hints of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake, McCartney takes his listeners back to a time where funk was at the top of the charts (it seems like we’re getting back to that reality). Hearing the sleekness of “Superbad” or the soulful vibe of “Goodie Bag”  almost makes me forget that this is the same guy I heard all the time on Disney Channel.

It can be difficult breaking away from the young child star image but “In Technicolor” shows us McCartney has been grown for a while and ready to get some new ears to hear his music. With the right promo I don’t see why this album couldn’t be any bigger than the artists trying to bring older influences back to modern music.

Highlights: “Young Love” “In Technicolor Part II” “Goodie Bag” “The Other Guy”

Stream “In Technicolor” below and buy on iTunes:


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