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Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

I remember a couple years ago reading one of those tumblr, hipster quotes with the words "nobody likes you when you're 23." I shrugged it off and continued scrolling not thinking about it again until these past couple of days... Continue Reading →


Bruno Mars and Cardi B Pay Homage To ‘In Living Color’ With ‘Finesse’ Visual

We're only four days into 2018 and fellow Grammy nominees Cardi B and Bruno Mars are ready to shake up the internet with a collaboration. Mars did a lot of winning last year with his third album 24K Magic and... Continue Reading →

Saweetie Is A Vibe You Should Be On Right NOW With insanely talented new artists being discovered on SoundCloud daily and major artists constantly dropping blockbuster music releases weekly, when a new artist stands out from the crowd the excitement you feel for their inevitable success is priceless. A... Continue Reading →

Cardi B Coming With More Heat, New Single ‘Cardier Cardi’ Dropping In Two Weeks

With the announcement of Cardi B's second single from her debut album dropping on December 15th, I think radio stations and anyone who owns a loud sound system in their car will finally retire (or at least give a break)... Continue Reading →

Kim Petras Drops West Coast Banger “Hills”

I can truly appreciate good music from all genres but when I hear an amazing pop song its an intoxicating experience. The pop genre gets flack because most of the mainstream artists pollute the top 40 charts with generic "hits"... Continue Reading →

Music Field Trip: Brandy – Full Moon

Time for a Music Field Trip šŸšƒšŸ“» Full Moon | Released on: March 5th 2002 First Spin Reaction: I LOVE Brandy's voice. Full Moon was one of the first albums I bought on cd and while I liked how it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go On A Music Field Trip

Music has always been an essential part of my life and if you look at some of the content I create or most of my Instagram then you know I spend a lot of time listening, thinking and talking about... Continue Reading →

Aly & Aj Make A Nostalgic Return With Pop Smash “Take Me”

I'd like to give a proper welcome back to two artists that consistently dropped quality music during the days when all you needed was a pretty face and dedicated label to pave your path to success (Not much has changed... Continue Reading →

Uber To The Lowest Point Of My LifeĀ 

*Here is the second part of a three part short story/reflection on my first year in New York. I didn't have the normal transition to this city that most transplants have but I'm glad I took the road less traveled... Continue Reading →

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