Cardi B Coming With More Heat, New Single ‘Cardier Cardi’ Dropping In Two Weeks

With the announcement of Cardi B’s second single from her debut album dropping on December 15th, I think radio stations and anyone who owns a loud sound system in their car will finally retire (or at least give a break) to the song of 2017. “Bodak Yellow” has been EVERYWHERE from award show stages to the mouths of Victoria Secret models and whether you loved or hated the infectious bop, there was no escape when that savage hook came on (Ask the Vicky Secret girls).

Don’t get me wrong I love Cardi and I couldn’t help but be happy whenever I heard someone blasting her single but like previous undeniable hits that become worldwide phenomenons, you can’t help but want to hear something new after a couple months. While the Bronx rising star has been keeping her fans (#bardigang) fed with huge features like Migos “Motorsport” and G-Eazy’s “No Limit”, it seems like anyone who’s a fan of hip hop is highly anticipating whatever Cardi plans to drop next. The charismatic rapper is currently overseas performing her string of hits to tons of U.K. stans but she took some time to announce her next single “Cardier Cardi” is dropping on December 15th.

There are no details yet on the new single but with a triple platinum smash and two Grammy nominations under her designer belt, I’m sure another platinum hit is coming our way. Keep racking up the Ws, we love to see well deserved artists get their shine.

Are you excited for “Cardier Cardi”? Let me know in the comments!

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