Taylor Swift’s Clique Is Your New Squad Goals In Bad Blood Music Video!

Country crooner turned reigning pop princess Taylor Swift is a complete bad ass in her new video for “Bad Blood”. Usually I like to set a post up with some background info on the artist or what led said artist to whatever they are promoting but I’d find it extremely hard to believe you haven’t heard “Shake It Off” or “Blank Space” at least once in the past six months. Or you don’t know about the massive sales that came from Swift’s official venture to the pop side with fifth album 1989.

1989 was the album that made me a true fan of T Swift. From the clever album promo to her unwavering loyalty to her fans, Taylor Swift’s career moves are spot on and I can’t help but admire her ability to stay seemingly humble while continuing to top her success with each new release. Now enough gushing about Taylor let’s get on to the stunning visual for “Bad Blood”.

After releasing the hilarious and very well shot video for “Blank Space” showcasing a more mature (and insane) Taylor, the artist decided to work with Joseph Kahn on another video and they did not disappoint. The music video for “Bad Blood” is basically a short spy film that starts with Taylor Swift and her bestie Selena Gomez kicking ass on a mission. After a successful fight, Swift gets double crossed as Gomez kicks her out of a window and she somehow gracefully lands on a baby blue car that most likely cost more than my tuition. After that the lines in the sand are drawn and Swift prepares her squad for battle. The quality of this four minute video is incredible as the squad pays homage to some classic action films including Tron, Kill Bill,  Robocop and Sin City.

The list of guest stars are endless from models (Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Cindy Crawford) singers (Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Hayley Williams, Serayah, Ellie Goulding) actors (Hailee Stienfeld, Lily Aldrige, Ellen Pompeo, Lena Dunham , Jessica Alba, Mariska Hargitay) and a dope feature from Kendrick Lamar a.k.a Welvin The Great. Seeing Taylor Swift showcase her inner crazy in “Blank Space” was a nice surprise but watching her box with Karlie Kloss and assembling her squad for a fiery march to battle at the end easily tops any video I’ve seen her do.

When I first heard of Bad Blood being on 1989, I had extremely high hopes for it. I remember reading an excerpt from a Billboard interview that discussed what motivated Swift to do the song and when I finally got to hear the track, I liked it. “Bad Blood” wasn’t a song that I constantly went back to aside from listening to the album in full but this video definitely has me giving the fake-friend kiss off multiple listens. Kendrick’s presence on the remix is great but I would’ve loved to have the original verses on the track as well.

I’m sure “Bad Blood” will be on the charts in no time but until then, watch the video non stop and pray that your squad will ever be as cool as Taylor’s… (I’m waiting for my invite T Swizzle!)

Buy “Bad Blood Remix (Featuring Kendrick Lamar)” on iTunes: HERE

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