Katherine McPhee Makes An Irresistible Return With ‘Lick My Lips’

Courtesy of 'musictimes.com'

Katherine McPhee is back with a funky record that I wouldn’t mind hearing every hour on the radio. Written by Isabella Summers (Part of Florence + the Macine) “Lick My Lips” is a short (less than 3 minutes) but extremely sweet song about a guy that makes her want to…lick her lips. The message isn’t complex, there’s an 80s discotic beat that makes you want to dance and McPhee sounds great showcasing her sexy soulful vocals on the Luther Vandross sampled cut. I’ve been hearing a lot of critics and fans of the “Lick My Lips” having ‘McPheever’ and hopefully everyone else catches the bug so it can land McPhee a well-deserved hit.

Courtesy of 'katherinemcphee.net'

Since starring in the musical drama Smash and releasing a pop album back in 2010, McPhee has stayed busy snatching a few acting roles and working on her latest album Hysteria set to come out July 21, 2015. I’ve enjoyed some of McPhee’s singles in the past and if her album has similar vibes to this single then I’ll definitely be giving it a listen.
Check out the music video below directed by Diane Martel (Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”) below. The short visual has Katherine McPhee looking effortlessly sexy in a 50s theme video that is showcasing what a cool kids looked like back in the day (complete with juke boxes, slicked back hair and leather jackets). Martel is known for her weird visuals that define pop culture and this one isn’t different (A HUGE comb, cherry pie background and girls crawling up a fake hill from a golf course is included).

Do you think “Lick My Lips” is McPhee’s next hit? Let me know if you have ‘McPheever’ below!

Buy “Lick My Lips” on iTunes: HERE


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