Drake Releases New Song “My Side” Off Physical Edition of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

Drake’s surprise album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” has been destroying the hearts and charts this year and it hasn’t even had a physical release yet. If you’re late to the party or just want an physical copy of Drake’s latest release, you’ll be able to purchase one on April 21st with two  bonus tracks. You may have already heard one of them titled “How Bout Now” (“Yeah / you ain’t really fuck with me way back then girl / But how ’bout now?”) but there’s a track called “My Side” and like the rest of the album it’s dope. The Boi-1da beat hits hard, almost harder than Drizzy’s emotions and I can already see girls quoting the lyrics on their future Instagram pics.

Check out “My Side” out below and tell me what you think!


Me and you are playing house, start thinking that I’m losing touch
Got a tight grip on ya now, maybe I should loosen up

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