A New Frank Ocean Album Is Finally Coming Out

Guys! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear another full length effort from Odd Future alum Frank Ocean. After releasing two amazing albums (Seriously check them out if you haven’t already), filled with soulful vocals, dreamy production and refreshing lyrics; Ocean seemed to disappear from the mainstream world. His last album Channel Orange came out in 2012 to critical acclaim that sky rocketed Frank Ocean as an artist to watch.  Ocean has featured on a few songs from artists you may have on your iTunes playlists since that album (Beyonce’s “Superpower”, Kanye West’s “New Slaves”, John Mayer’s “Wildfire”) but most of the last three years was spent perfecting the third album.

Frank Ocean’s third album will be titled (*drum roll*)…..

Boys Don’t Cry

and you’ll be able to hear this potential masterpiece….

Sometime this summer in July!

To prepare for Boys Don’t Cry, I’ve posted a few songs that you should check out. Enjoy!

Will you be checking out Boys Don’t Cry when it comes out in July? 

Buy Channel Orange on iTunes: HERE

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