Becky G Is Goin’ Hard For Her Guy On Latest Single “Lovin’ So Hard”!

Becky G, lover of dancing in showers and official bae of  teen heartthrob Austin Mahone just released a new single from her upcoming debut album. I found out about the ‘Covergirl’ back in 2011 when she released some dope covers on YouTube, effortlessly flowing on Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Otis” and showcasing her vocals over Drake’sTake Care“. Being able to sing, rap, and dance well can be a difficult feat for some mainstream artists so Becky’s ability to do all three is great. Catching the attention of pop mastermind Dr. Luke doesn’t hurt either, since he was the one that singed her to his imprint label Kemosabe on Sony Music Entertainment.

Since 2011, Becky G has been building up a loyal fanbase (#Beasters), releasing a few music videos (one featuring Jennifer Lopez), signed a deal with Covergirl and managed to churn out a hit single (“Shower”) that peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Her latest single “Lovin So Hard” has Becky G moving into a more mature territory and I’m feeling the song. Keep in mind that G was only 15 when she started releasing covers so now that she’s 18, she has the ability to add a little more suggestive content without too much heat from the public. I’ve become a fan of Becky G through her singles, features (Cher Lloyd’s Oath, Cody Simpson’s “Wish You Were Here”) and EP (Play It Again) so I’m excited to see where her career goes.

I think G has what it takes to make it to the top! Do you?

What do you think of Becky G’s latest single “Lovin’ So Hard”?

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