Fergie’s long awaited return is over with new single “L.A. Love (La La)”

It’s hard to believe the last solo album Fergie released was in 2006. Listening to this new single it seems like Fergie hasn’t lost it and I’m thinking she has another hit on her hands.

Produced by DJ Mustard ( Trey Songz’ “Na Na” ,Tinashe’s “2 On”, Jeremih’s Don’t Tell Em, and a lot more), Fergie feels like shes completely in her element rapping on  Mustard’s infectious beat while singing a catchy chorus schooling us on the cities around the world (Always trying to keep us educated). Fergie’s flow has always been nice but it feels like she turned the swag up a couple levels for this track, makes me think of what would happen if Tyga and Iggy Azalea voices were combined on a track. Even though the beat is very similar to songs DJ Mustard has produced in the past (YG “Who Do You Love”), I’m glad Fergie evolved to what’s hot now while staying true to her style as an artist.

“L.A. Love (La La)” is the type of track you put out after an 8 year hitaus. The beat is dope, I can already hear people trying to rap along to it like song of the summer Fancy (I-G-G-Y). Fergie is coming back with a BANG excited to hear  what else she has planned for this era!

What do you think of “L.A. Love (La La)? Let me know in the comments!


“L.A. Love (La La)” impacts radio Monday / Buy on iTunes Tuesday (Sep. 30) !

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