Whenever I think of Hilary Duff, I’m always reminded of the simpler times of my childhood, when I was carefree and spent most of my days watching Disney Channel way too much but hey its worth it. Hilary has obviously grown away from her Disney fame awhile ago but that love for “Lizzie McGuire” always makes me think of Disney Channel’s glory days. I think those memories are why people still get excited when Duff releases music. She takes us back to that happier time and our childhood and remind us that some stars come out of the Disney world unscathed.

With her latest record “All About You”, Duff turns up the heat a little bit over a folk-pop, drum heavy track confessing her love for a guy that has the potential to be more than a hit it and quit it type thing. The song is extremely catchy and the music video release of the track adds on to its replay-potential.

Duff looks like she’s having tons of fun shooting the video “All About You” and I like seeing Duff bust out some sexy moves. I’m definitely adding this track to my playlist and I’m excited to hear what else she’s been cooking up for her next album.

Tell me what you think of Duff’s latest offering. Is “All About You” a hit?

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