Jessie J Gets Soulful On “Personal” Latest Track From “Sweet Talker”

“Ain’t got a shot glass in my fist to spill it away all my business, telling these strangers about you,”

Jessie J slows things down and brings out her emotions on “Personal”, the track you receive after pre-ordering “Sweet Talker”. Jessie always sounds amazing but hearing her sing over a stripped down track, makes me appreciate her voice even more. The ballad co-written by R&B songstress Elle Varner puts Jessie’s feelings on display and you can really hear the vulnerability for this love she can’t help but tell the world about. “Personal” is giving me vibes from Jessie J’s debut album “Who You Are” and it sounds like fans of Jessie J can expect a lot of variety on the new record.

Check out Jessie J’s latest offering below and tell me what you think! Are you excited for “Sweet Talker”?

Pre-Order on iTunes: HERE

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