“Best song wasn’t the single…or on the main album” – Florida Kilos

It took some time to appreciate Lana Del Rey’s new masterpiece Ultraviolence

When Del Rey released Ultraviolence a couple of weeks ago, I like most fans of her debut was extremely excited to hear what she’s been cooking up since the re-release of Born To Die.  When I first tried playing the album I couldn’t get through the first three songs…

It’s such a drastic shift in tone compared to Born To Die and I wasn’t expecting it even though I kept hearing about how different Del Rey’s approach was with this album. Maybe two weeks after the hype died down I listened to Florida Kilos, one of the bonus tracks from Ultraviolence that wasn’t getting too much love from people who love the main album.

When I first heard that guitar and Lana’s heavenly voice I became ADDICTED to Florida Kilos. The song reminds me of Born To Die, I don’t know if it’s because of the reoccurring themes (Drugs, Love, Freedom), the chill tone, or the intoxicating music but Florida Kilos is a song I can’t play once (as quickly jumped to the most played playlist on my galaxy).

If a song could represent how a high can feel I think Florida Kilos is the best you can get without getting some actual kilos… (which I’m not advising folks… )

Check out the track below and tell me your favorite tracks from Ultraviolence! #BuyULTRAVIOLENCEoniTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ultraviolence/id880784988

Highlights: Brooklyn Baby, Money Power Glory, The Other Woman, Florida Kilos

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