These Things Happen (Album Review)

Although I got off the iPhone train, Apple still has a hold on me when it comes to iTunes,well the midnight album releases are something I don’t want to give up yet.

June 23, 2014 (or tonight) G-Eazy released his debut album “These Things Happen” to iTunes and in a few hours it’ll be available everywhere else. Like most artists I’m uncertain about, G-Eazy has had a place in my library for a while due to his mixtapes: “The Endless Summer”, “Must Be Nice” and “The Outsider”. I get to these artists sooner or later especially when they have some sort of acclaim from numerous people but I hadn’t really started to get into G-Eazy’s music till last month when I watched his video for “Let’s Get Lost” featuring his girlfriend / dope artist Devon Baldwin.

The visuals directed by Tyler Yee, drew me into the song but I stayed when I heard the lyrics. “Let’s Get Lost” reminds me of the crash from a good ass night and G-Eazy’s flow always makes me want to rock when I hear it. Baldwin’s contribution to the chorus seals the deal for me and this song has been a staple to the playlists I’ve been playing as I waited for “These Things Happen” to come out. Now that it’s finally out and I finished my first listen, I think it time to tell you what I think about his step into the mainstream spotlight.

If I could describe “These Things Happen” in a few words: Somber, Chill, and Dark instantly come to mind. The first track starts “These Things Happen” with a slow grinding beat and G-Eazy reminiscing on his life so far and where he’s heading.  “Fuck you want me to say these things happen” end the track with the next track “Far Alone” putting him in the winners circle.  “Far Alone” was of my favorite tracks after hearing it when pre-ordering the album and I’m still addicted to the chorus and  G-Eazy’s flow that’s got a bounce to it reminding me of his west coast roots.

The album continues its cold vibe throughout adding to the tone of G-Eazy’s story.  Whether G is rapping about relationships or his fight to make his dream happen, the tracks made me want to hear what he has to say and root for his success. I love that rap can be so diverse when artists choose to go beyond the catchy party singles and try to create music with meaning. G-Eazy is apart of a wave rappers that want to make you feel some type of emotion when you hear them and I’m down for the movement. “These Things Happen” is a solid debut and it will definitely will be on repeat for a while.

Standout Tracks: Let’s Get Lost, Been On, Far Alone,  Remember You, Opportunity Cost


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