Lana Del Rey Shares Some Nostalgic Vibes With Latest Single ‘Love’ 

Lana Del Rey has returned to her moody, indie roots and I’m happy to get lost in her melancholy vibes. Fans haven’t had new Lana music to escape to since 2015 when she dropped her return to form third album Honeymoon, so the “Brooklyn Baby” had a nice chunk of time to create her next era of music. “Love” is the introduction to the next wave of Del Rey and while a premature leak may have pushed up the release date, it’s easy to fall for this new single if you’re a fan of the dreamy artist’s past releases. 

With very minimal production, Rey’s lyrics take center stage and give me a cinematic feel when I hear the song progress. As Lana reflects on being young, free and love it reminds me why I love hearing her songs. I always feel a touch of nostalgia whenever her music plays and I can’t help but pine for the times when I felt a little more carefree and looked at life through a more simple lens. I’m only 22 so I think I should be on the side of being young and in love instead of remembering the “good ol days” but that’s just what the Ultraviolence heartbreaker does to me. Excuse me guys, I need a moment with “Love”… it’s great to have you back Lana. 

Side note: Doesn’t that gun trigger in the chorus sound like Lana is trying to entice to fall deeper into her gloomy soul? Or have I gone too deep into “Love”? Let me know in the comments! 

“I get ready / I get all dressed up / To go nowhere in particular / It doesn’t matter if I’m not enough / For the future or the things to come / ‘Cause I’m young and in love (ah, ah) / I’m young and in love (ah, ah)…”

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