Cashmere Cat Links Up With Camila Cabello For Undeniable Single ‘Love Incredible’

If there were any worries that Camila Cabello would flop as a solo star, the “Bad Things” songstress made sure to put any doubts to rest with her latest passionate collaboration. Cashmere Cat is an amazing Norwegian DJ that is perfecting the combination of electronic production, elements of good, catchy pop music and an infectious feel to his music and “Love Incredible” is the latest example of his excellent work. The electropop bop begins with a calm before the storm feel, as Cabello opens up with retrospective lines, “I forgot the feeling / The feeling of being alone but not lonely / I guess when you touch me / My fears and my secrets belong to you only.” I was sold on “Love Incredible” as soon as the first couple of lines played through but when that drumbeat started throbbing uncontrollably before the chorus, I was hooked. 

Alongside Cashmere and Camilla, a ton of talent came together to create this record. From SOPHIE, Benny Blanco and R. City helping with production and lyrics, I can only imagine the fun nights that went into this record but I feel like most listeners are focusing on “Love Incredible” giving us another taste of Cabello as a solo artist. Even though I was a huge fan of the Cuban rising star in Fifth Harmony, it was obvious that her opportunity and desire to be musically independent was inevitable and I’m glad that she’s putting the music first. When an artist is attempting to make a solo career some of the worst decisions they can make is not coming through with solid material from the beginning or focusing on the celebrity aspects of this challenging transition.
When you leave a group, every misstep is maximized and internet trolls are waiting for you fall so they can meme TF out of your failure for a laugh, especially in Camila’s case. So I hope she continues to kill every performance she does (Check out her recent Ellen and BBC Radio Live Lounge performances), drops amazing music and shows the world that she goes through all of the fame bullshit to be acknowledged for her music and not whatever she’s posting on Instagram. 2017 is primed to be an exciting year for Ms. Cabello, my ears and body are ready for what’s to come. 

What do you think of Cashmere Cat’s and Camila’s new single? Let me know in the comments! 

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