OTW Playlist Feb 8 2016

Discover something new with the OTW (On The Wavve) playlists. Any music suggestions are always appreciated, I love falling in love with new music. 

I haven’t made a new On The Wavve playlist since the end of December and it feels sort of like an injustice with so much amazing new music coming out but today sparked an inspiration. While driving the good ol GV van for work I was playing a playlist I made quickly last night for the ride and realized how much I’m loving the songs on it so I had to reformat it for OTW. I included a Tidal and Spotify version due to two artists I had to include and couldn’t find on the more popular streaming service (Looking at you Jay and Bey) but I hope you can find something new to blast on this one because it might be one of my favorite lists so far. Alright enough with the intro let’s get into a couple tracks:

Formation – Beyonce

The wave of Beyonce’s surprise single/visual drop on Saturday is slowly calming down but the activism bop obviously had to have a place on a new OTW playlist. Even though I’m late on writing an opinion piece on it, I think I want to give you guys a proper write up so I’ll just say Beyonce continues to top herself and evolve in a way that it makes it hard to imagine a Bey-less world. Never stop setting the bar Beyonce!

for him. (Featuring Allday) – Troye Sivan

This slower cut from Troye Sivan’s debut album Blue Neighborhood doesn’t get as much spins as it deserves but I’m making sure it gets some well deserved love now. Written as a gift to a special someone, “for him.” is a breezy heartfelt track that I’m sure anyone would love to have dedicated to them.

“We’ve been making shades of purple out of red and blue / Sickeningly sweet like honey / don’t need money / All I need is you.”

Cruel – Foxes

I’ve slept on England heartbreaker Foxes for awhile now but her latest album All I Need has woke me up and I’m happy dancing to her bittersweet dance records. “Cruel” is definitely my favorite cut on her sophomore effort, blending emotional lyrics with the most infectious beat that has me debating whether I should reflect on past love or hit the nearest dancefloor and try to ignore all my badgering feelings. Please make this one a single Foxes!

Eventually – Tame Impala 

Other than the mainstream favorite “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, I haven’t given Tame Impala much attention but a recent visit to their latest album Currents is quickly making them a favorite in my library. “Eventually” is a chill experimental ode to the end of a relationship that doesn’t want to be over yet. You might get lost in the trance inducing production and bypass the somber lyrics but a couple spins and you’ll be in your feelings soon enough. I mean just hearing Kevin Parker repeatedly sing Eventually like life is coming to an end…I need a moment.

“Wish I could turn you back into a stranger / Cause if I was never in your life / you wouldn’t have to change this.”

Let me know what you think about this week’s playlist and what I should be listening to right now. Gotta love finding new stuff!

Tidal Edition: HERE

Spotify Edition: HERE

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