Music To Check Out In October

With artists releasing singles, mixtapes, EPs and albums left and right, it can be difficult keeping up with what to listen to next… But no need to worry! This list below will help keep you up with some of the big releases to check out in October.

Tinashe – Aquarius

I feel like I’ve been waiting centuries for Tinashe to release her debut album “Aquarius” but it looks like the album is almost at the surface. With the too turnt track “2 On” still doing well on the charts and second single “Pretend” featuring A$AP Rocky beginning to get some spins on the radio it great to see Tinashe’s hard work gaining some recognition. Tinashe recently premiered a new track from “Aquarius” called “Feels Like Vegas” and the sexy bedroom banger will definitely have you counting the days to hear what else Tinashe has in store for us.

Pre-Order Here:  Out: October 7 2014

Charli XCX – Sucker

Pop genius Charli XCX is gearing up to release her sophomore effort “Sucker” and with the song of the summer under her belt “Fancy” (“You already know…”) I think its safe to say new fans will be interested in hearing a full length album from Charli and fans who have been digging her since debut album “True Romance” have no doubt that Charli will reign supreme with this record. “Boom Clap” and “Break The Rules” are out now and Charli’s Complex article should give you a good indication of how confident she feels about her latest record.

Pre-Order Here: Out: October 21 2014 *Pushed to Dec 16*

T.I – Paperwork: The Motion Picture

T.I. has to be one of the most consistent rappers over the past 10 years. I’ve been a fan ever since buying his fourth album “King” in 2006 and he seems to be getting better with time. If you haven’t heard his latest single “No Mediocre” featuring I-G-G-Y, you need to get familiar ASAP and get prepared for most likely a slew of more hits when Paperwork: The Motion Picture hits stores next month!

 Out: October 21 2014

Taylor Swift – 1989

I hate to admit this but…I’m a little excited to hear Taylor Swift’s complete transition to pop. With pop legends Max Martin and Shellback producing this record, we already know there’s at least five billboard hits on there and all the rumors circulating around “Bad Blood” has ready to shake off my current opinion of Swift’s music and give it a spin.

Pre-Order Here: Out: October 27 2014

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V

Tha Carter III was a masterpiece in terms of promotion, cohesiveness and the beginning of Lil Wayne’s putting out albums with lyrics that seem to get more simple over time. Wayne could easily go down as G.O.A.T but his last albums have proved that sober Wayne may not be the best lyrics wise. I won’t lie there were a couple good tracks off his latest album “I Am Not a Human Being II”and his latest single “Krazy” is well… crazy but I can’t get my hopes up yet.

Out: October 28 2014

Teyana Taylor – VII

It’s been a long time coming for Teyana Taylor who got her start 2008 with the single “Google Me” but Teyana is finally ready to show the world what she can do. If you’ve heard Teyana’s mixtape “The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor” or collaborations with her G.O.O.D Music family, its obvious that Teyana has some ridiculous vocals. Plus being a triple threat doesn’t hurt. Check out her debut single “Maybe” featuring Yo Gotti and Pusha T and let me know if you’re as excited as I am to hear VII

 Out: November 4 2014

What are you excited to hear in October? Let me know below!


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