Is Jessie J Ready to Burn Up the Charts with her Second Single from “Sweet Talker”

After starting the “Sweet Talker” era off with a bang on her first single “Bang Bang” featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Jessie J is back for Round 2 looking for another chart knock out with new single “Burnin Up” featuring 2 CHAINZZZZZZZZZ but does it have enough heat to keep the flames going? (Enough fire puns for one sentence?)

“Burnin Up” comprises everything I usually love to hear in a pop track: Powerful vocals, addictive Max Martin production and a rap feature to make sure its a banger but this track doesn’t strike me as a smash hit…yet

The beauty of tracks like this is that it’s a safe way to guarantee your spot on the radio for a couple weeks after the premiere. With Jessie J’s amazing stage presence and ability as a legitimate artist I can see her easily winning doubters of this song over with the promo she has planned for “Burnin Up”, but as I listen to the song right now it sounds solid but doesn’t blow me away.

I’m definitely excited to hear what Jessie has in store for  the rest of “Sweet Talker” but its going to take a little more convincing for “Burnin Up” to win me over.

What do you think of Jessie J’s latest single, does she have another hit on her hands?

Buy on iTunes tomorrow!

Pre-Order Sweet Talker HERE

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