Keke Palmer Shares Personal ‘Lauren’ EP 

Sending snaps and sharing filter-filled stories on Snapchat have become the latest way to keep people updated on your life and Keke Palmer (aka keekthasneak if you want to follow her) is one of the most popular users on the influential app. Every morning you can expect an enthusiastic or exhausted (depending on how lit the night before was) “MORNING KIDS” and an intimate look at her day. Whether Palmer is sharing snaps from the Scream Queens set, giving updates about her book coming out early next year or detailing the process of releasing music, the 22 year old boss is gaining an audience of supporters that have helped her get to the point where she can release her latest project, a personal EP titled Lauren

Lauren Keke Palmer has been singing and sharing her beautiful voice since the days of Nickelodeon shows and roles like Akeelah and the Bee but it took awhile for the rest of the world to take the triple threat seriously as a singer. Palmer has the traditional groundwork for an artist groomed to be a popstar and for so long she was missing the unique quality that set her apart from the wave of r&b singers trying to gain recognition on a mainstream scale. Whether KP is showcasing her matured voice through a quick cover on Snapchat or releasing an impressive visual on Twitter or YouTube (“Yellow Lights” and “Reverse Psychology” are must sees) its apparent she has the talent and drive necessary to make it in this saturated market. Which takes us to the fun part, experiencing Keke Palmer, the artist. 

Lauren is a five track introduction to a maturing artist that has grown up in the spotlight and isn’t afraid to showcase where she is in life as a young woman, working toward her many aspirations. Inspired by some of the most popular trends in music, Lauren is definitely accessible to the listeners who are looking for female singers willing to showcase their aggressive sides just as much as their emotional sides (Think Bryson Tiller, or the current king of “mixing vodka and emotions” Drake).  

Lauren begins with “Doubtful”, a downtempo, sincere spilling of emotions as Palmer questions the likelihood of her relationship ending without heartbreak. That moment when you need to contemplate the future of a challenging present is never easy and Palmer illustrates that struggle well. KP can be as aggressive and boastful as the guys with “Got Me Fucked Up” and “Jealously” being examples of her rapping abilities and entertaining cockiness. “Got Fucked Up” is a Dreezy assisted chill banger and the first taste of Palmer’s rap skills. She rides the beat perfectly on this track and I could picture her killing it on stage. 

Keke brings up the tempo and mood with “Jealous”, a lite banger full of satisfying punchlines. Palmer’s voice is smooth and pleasant to here on this attitude filled track. “Bitch don’t let this TV make you think that you know me.” might be one of my favorite lines on Lauren. Things get a little steamy on “Pressure” where Keke contemplates losing her inhibitions with a guy getting a little too close. Drake’s VIEWS Influence can definitely be heard on “Hands Free” which plays like an equally as catchy version of “Controlla”. I could definitely see this song succeeding if it gets single treatment and the visual for the island infused bop is my favorite off the Lauren short film. 

During my first spins of this EP I could picture Keke on stage executing some slick choreography and being able to sell this solid representation of an artist that isn’t afraid to try new things to discover who she is as an artist. Lauren is a promising preview of what’s to come if the world is finally ready for Keke to take her spot in the music world. 

What do you think of Keke’s latest project Lauren? Let me know in the comments! 

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