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Becky G Is Goin’ Hard For Her Guy On Latest Single “Lovin’ So Hard”!

Becky G, lover of dancing in showers and official bae of  teen heartthrob Austin Mahone just released a new single from her upcoming debut album. I found out about the 'Covergirl' back in 2011 when she released some dope covers... Continue Reading →


Party with Fergie and YG on “L.A. Love (La La)” music video

"L.A. Love (La La)" sounded like a smash when I first heard the Mustard produced track and watching the video for it seals the deal on my initial reaction. Turn up with Fergie as she takes a party bus across... Continue Reading →

Tinashe turns up the heat with Nick Jonas on “Jealous” Remix

"Jealous" is unapologetically on my top 10 tracks of right now. From the instantly catchy chorus to the cool production throughout, I didn't think I could like the song anymore than I already did until Tinashe decided to add her sizzling... Continue Reading →

Kehlani releases visuals for feel good track “FWU”

Music videos have been stepping their game up lately. Whether it be artists making mini movies out of their music or some full out choreography, it's getting exciting to watch them again. I say all this to introduce an artist I... Continue Reading →

#TTT – Ready or Not

Yoooo itsmarcelj and I believe it's a new week so I think a #TTT is in order. Last week I let you guys into a guilty pleasure of mine with the song "Chemicals React" but today I'm switching genres and... Continue Reading →

#TTT – Chemicals React

Yoooo to the internet and everyone looking at it through their macs and cellphones Itsmarcelj and its time to introduce a new feature that will become a weekly thing (at least that's the plan). I'm calling it #ThrowbackTrackThursdays borrowing from... Continue Reading →

I was Made In L.A and Souled Out…

Yoooo readers of this blog itsmarcelj and I always love a talented family. Now if you're looking at the post title and have no idea where this post is going... I'm not here to break the news that I'm starting... Continue Reading →

“Best song wasn’t the single…or on the main album” – Florida Kilos

It took some time to appreciate Lana Del Rey's new masterpiece Ultraviolence When Del Rey released Ultraviolence a couple of weeks ago, I like most fans of her debut was extremely excited to hear what she's been cooking up since... Continue Reading →

Can U Check Out Love Dollhouse’s New Single “Can I” ?

All right folks, new post means another look into my love of music and maybe some insight on my life (If you care about that part). I've always had a love for girl groups, it's kind of funny looking at that... Continue Reading →

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