Time for a Music Field Trip šŸšƒšŸ“»

Full Moon | Released on: March 5th 2002

First Spin Reaction:

I LOVE Brandy’s voice. Full Moon was one of the first albums I bought on cd and while I liked how it sounded back then, today I truly appreciate the power in her voice and the emotion she puts in her music. As soon as the title track starts, I’m taken back to the goodness of early 2000s R&B. Definitely gonna take another trip back to this one in the future.

P.S. That breakdown in “All In Me” is INSANE šŸ”„

Favorite Songs: “Full Moon”, “Like This”, “Nothing”, “What About Us”, “I Thought”, “He Is”

Three Words To Describe Record: Emotional. Influential. VOCALS.

Stream Full Moon:

Tidal: HERE Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7721xmJK5tmifUQdcmJ6An?si=TfA19VJq

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