Aly & Aj Make A Nostalgic Return With Pop Smash “Take Me”

I’d like to give a proper welcome back to two artists that consistently dropped quality music during the days when all you needed was a pretty face and dedicated label to pave your path to success (Not much has changed in the music industry since then). Alyson and Amanda Michalka (Also known as Aly & Aj or formerly known as 78violet) crafted a nice lane for themselves in the early 2000s, releasing irresistible teen pop that slowly progressed into a mature, fully realized, pop rock sound. I’ll admit that their third album Insomniatic got a lot of spins from me back in 2007 and I’ve been anticipating their grand return.

10 years later the musical evolution is in full effect with the storming pop bop “Take Me”. Aly & Aj were known for their excellent lyrics and beautiful voices coming together to make some relatable music about love and life. “Take Me” is a refreshing, 80s inspired jolt of passion as Aly & Aj question when their special someone is going to make a move.

“I’ve been spending my attention on you / on you / I don’t wait long cause I got better things to do,” Aly opens with just the right amount of attitude and leads to an undeniable hook that has a cinematic love story feel. I could imagine two beautiful people falling in love on the big screen with this song playing in the background.

I was nervous that I’d never hear another song from the Michalka sisters but my fear was unnecessary because this long awaited single is a strong preview of the musical goodness to come. If you were a fan of Aly & Aj back in the day I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. For the newcomers, prepare to fall in love with the pop duo.

What do you think of “Take Me”? Let me know in the comments!

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