Raye Drops An Entertaining Visual For Her Relatable ‘The Line’ Single 

What’s the deal with nightclubs and waiting in lines (Seinfeld voice)? Gag-worthy joke aside, you have to be a special kind of person who chooses to go to a club when there’s a huge possibility that the power-hungry bouncer could reject your squad and ruin the whole night. Unless you’re a Kardashian-Jenner-Hadid girl with an Instagram full of likes and validation, there isn’t a guarantee you’ll be let into the club. Being attractive or the life of the party doesn’t even reserve your spot in the crowded vicinity. Take Raye’s ode to waiting in that dreaded line on her latest single “The Line”. 

The bouncy and almost ironic club banger (Picture Raye waiting in line while her bop is being blasted in the club) has Raye expressing her annoyance toward one of the roadblocks to a good night. Produced by Fred Gibson “The Line” is feel good, relatable pop at its best and adds another dimension to the exciting newcomer. The South London artist sound ranges in genre from the hard hitting “I, U, Us” to the smooth R&B leaning “Ambition” and I love when an artist can experiment with numerous sounds and still have a unique identity in their music. 
This visual for “The Line” adds to the playful vibe of the song. Directed by Sing J Lee, the visual is a colorful representation of going out from two perspectives. With one being the relevant star that’s looking slight amused inside the club and the other cool girl in line trying to turn up with her friends. It’s a visual treat seeing the stylistic elements Lee uses to showcase the story of “The Line” and it reminds me of a crazy night of waiting in a long ass line to get into a foam party (So random right but I feel your pain Raye). Like most underrated and talented artists, all it takes is one song to blow up and “The Line” definitely moves Raye to that mainstream potential. I think the “Tell Me” singer is pretty well known in the U.K. but she deserves to be known worldwide, show her some love folks! 

What do you think of “The Line”? Let me know in the comments! 

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