The Solo Era Of Camila Cabello Is Here With Debut Single “Crying In The Club” 

I don’t think there has been more anticipation and push for a former girl group member to become a huge pop star since Beyoncé rose from the Destiny’s Child ashes and became the legendary solo artist she was born to be. Girl groups have a tendency to disband before they reach their prime and while Fifth Harmony is hopefully breaking that horrible tradition it’s difficult to ignore the comparable signs of failed group groups of the past. When Camila Cabello announced (or her former group members announced for her) she was flying solo; there wasn’t a damaged group (R.I.P Danity Kane) left to fade to the background while the “Bad Things” singer took her spot on top. Fifth Harmony bounced back and Camila conti- began working on her debut album with some of the hottest writers and producers in the game. 

Pharrell, Diplo, Cashmere Cat and Ryan Tedder are just a few of the A-list collaborators helping Cabello craft some hits for her debut album The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving and judging from her first single, Camila isn’t playing any games with her solo record. Co-written with Sia, Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and Happy Perez, “Crying in the Club” is a pulsing, mid-tempo bop crafted for radio consumption as Camila dances her pain away. The Sia influence is evident as soon as the beat opens with a familiar “Cheap Thrills” vibe and Cabello’s vocal approach to the track sounds notably similar to the “Chandelier” songstress.

Christina Aguilera’s career defining “Genie In The Bottle” is sampled in this song as Cabello adlibs the signature melody for the hook and while the sample doesn’t hurt the song, I feel like better material will be found on the full length album. I’d be shocked if “Crying in the Club” doesn’t become a smash single with all the elements working toward it being a seamless blend to the top 40 charts but I want to hear more from Camila. 

With numerous claims from producers that Camila is a fantastic writer and burgeoning star, I want to hear what new music Cabello has to offer and not what a couple of smart producers think will become a hit. A promising teaser of “I Have Questions” is featured in the beginning of the music video for “Crying in the Club” and I can’t wait to hear Cabello perform both songs this Sunday on the Billboard Music Awards. But until then I’ll put this intoxicating single on repeat and enjoy the start of an interesting next chapter for “Miss Movin’ On”. 
P.S.: I wanna know what clubs are letting 20 year old in Cabello in the club 🤔 
Are you body rolling to Camila’s debut single “Crying in the Club”? Take a small break and let me know in the comments! 

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