Madison Beer Is Unfazed and Carefree On Her Latest Single ‘Dead’

“You say you can’t live without me / So why aren’t you dead yet / Why you still breathing?” This honest, petty and carefree declaration belongs to Madison Beer; the underrated and extremely talented protege of Justin Bieber. “Dead” is the first taste of Beer’s upcoming debut album hopefully dropping sometime this year and it’s a mature re-introduction to the “Unbreakable” singer. This isn’t the first bop released by the young star in the making (Check out “Something Sweet if you’re unfamiliar with the pop goodness) but it’s definitely her most bold single to date and I’m completely down for her honesty. “Dead” is a chill yet blunt kiss off, with Beer delivering line after line of “I ran out of fucks to give” shots over minimal dance production reminiscent of the electropop sounds that can be found on Bieber’s last smash album Purpose

“You only be showing me love whenever you’ve had too much / Whatever’s been filling your cup / no more…” “Dead” is a perfect reminder to never treat the person you’re with like a video game you can turn on when you get bored and abandon when you please. Good relationships are hard to come by in the era of Tinder swipes and “Netflix & Chill” invitations so when you got a good one, try not to fuck it up. 
I picture this confident bop being an anthem for girls still waiting by the phone for their fuckboy to pay them attention and realize what they have. To those girls, be like Madison Beer and make dope break up songs with clever declarations and an unfazed attitude (Or just dump the person treating you wrong and move on to someone better… that’s probably the easier option). 
What do yo think of Madison Beer’s latest single “Dead”? Let me know in the comments! 

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