Banks Shares An Emotional Journey With Latest Single ‘Crowded Places’

On Sunday fans got one step closer to the end of HBO’s highly successful series Girls and while Lena Dunham’s character Hannah continues to be impacted by the beginnings of motherhood and the next chapter of her life, the musical goddess Banks became the talk of the episode. The Altar singer wrote the perfect soundtrack for the emotional affair. I might be a little bold in saying this but “Crowded Places” is the best song I’ve heard from Banks. 

The somber track was co-written with Tim Anderson and Jack Antonoff and showcases Banks strength in creating impactful moments in her songs. At the start of “Crowded Places” Banks is trying to convince her love that she can make a relationship work while she’s away on tour, “I wanna get you in my spaces / I wanna take you different places / I know the touring is romantic / I know you see me as a frantic girl / But I can give you what you want.” There’s a strong tie to anxiety with this song whether it be performing for thousands of people on stage or having to deal with everything alone, Banks takes you on this heavy journey and the minimal production brings the words to the forefront and makes the song play out like a movie. 

“Crowded Places” is love. It’s that moment when you had a long day at work and all you want to do is come home to the person you love. It’s when you’re wasted at a party and your brain is floating from copious amounts of alcohol but somehow that person still comes to mind and you have to contact them if they aren’t already by your side. “Crowded Places” is that eternal love you have for someone, even if they are no longer yours anymore. 

Banks has created so many beautiful songs that are full of lyrical and emotional depth but this one truly hits you within its simplicity. There’s nothing hiding Banks voice and her yearning for that sense of security from the person she loved. If you haven’t listened to “Crowded Places” yet, take a moment, breathe deeply, empty your mind and let everything this song has to offer you hit. It’ll be difficult keeping this one off repeat…trust me.

Are you feeling all the things with Bank’s latest release? Pour out your emotions in the comments! 

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