Tinashe Keeps Love Alive On Latest Single ‘Flame’ 

My love for Tinashe is eternal and burns as bright as her latest single “Flame” from her upcoming sophomore effort Joyride. Unless you’re a hater of the “Company” performer, you can’t deny how underrated she is. I think I say it every time I write I about Tinashe but I’ll gladly say it one more time. She sings. She writes. She dances. She PERFORMS. 
There aren’t too many new artists out right now that have the star presence and work ethic as the older stars transitioning to legendary status (*cough* Beyonce) so when I see an artist like Tinashe, I can’t help but root for her. With every single released, Tinashe has showcased another layer of herself with hopes that something will stick but the mainstream audience doesn’t seem to want to let her win. “Flame” almost feels like a final plea for radio love and it’s definitely her most radio friendly single to date. 

“Cold in the night when I hold you close / Searching your eyes but you’re gone like a ghost,” Tinashe proclaims on the chilly opener. Tinashe’s writing abilities continue to be a great strength and as the last call for love builds up to the fiery chorus, “Flame” is reminiscent of a bop from previous decades (Think 90s with a mixture of R&B and Rock).  
With no immediate release date on the horizon for Joyride, RCA is obviously holding out for a smash before releasing the long awaited project and I hope “Flame” is the spark Tinashe needs to light a fire to her career. She’s proven that she can release good music and back it up with solid performances but her fans are going to need to come through and let her label know that they are along for the ride. Album sales aren’t the key way to make a profit as artist these days but when you’re signed to a major label they still matter, so it’s up to us to let these dated labels know that we want to see our faves grow and succeed. Don’t let the flame go out for Tee (*Puts a lighter in the air and sings along to “Flame*)
Are you feeling “Flame”? Let me know in the comments! 
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