J. Holiday released a classic love making anthem called “Bed” back in ’07 and it’s weird to think how much I played that song back then. I was only 12 when I was singing along to the mature cut and I probably had no idea what “Love you to your eyes roll back,” meant or truly appreciated the aphrodisiac feel of the bedroom banger. Kanye West decided to use the song during the presentation of his season five Yeezy show and it definitely rekindled everyone’s love for the track. 

The Dream co-penned the throwback hit and Mr. West used a revised demo for his minimalistic affair. If you missed the extended version at the show, Ye decided to bless us with the dreamy (no pun intended) version of “Bed” on SoundCloud today. The track runs on the ridiculously long side (17 minutes) but I promise it’s worth it. Just pretend it’s the background music to your life when you press play. I imagined the song being similar to having heavenly sex on top of a puffy cloud on a sunny day but that’s just me. Be free to use your imagination 🙃

Will this new version of “Bed” being the soundtrack to your next Tinder hookup? Let me know in the comments!