Khalid Drops An Optimistic Anthem For The Youth With ‘American Teen’

Leave it to one of my favorite new artists to drop a summer anthem for the young and free. Khalid is a 19 year old who is making waves with his mellow and soulful singles. With initial cosigns from lipkit mogul Kylie Jenner and music publications like Billboard and Rolling Stone for his debut single “Location”, it was only a matter of time before the world caught on to the young talent. “American Teen” is the latest single for the El Paso newcomer before he drops his debut album that bares the same name on March 3rd. 

“American Teen” is a breezy ode to the pretty girls of the 915 and the guys always down for a good time. Starting the song off like the opening of a cool teen movie, the good vibes pour out in the catchy chorus, “Cause this is our year / So wake me up in the Spring / While I’m high off my American dream / We don’t always say what we mean / It’s the life of an American teen.” There is so much I enjoy about “American Teen” but I think my favorite part is the line “My youth is the foundation of me,” because everyone should keep the essence of their younger years no matter how old they get and how challenging live becomes. 

Being a teenager can be some of the most wasted time in a human’s life. For five years we have the opportunity to experience life without the stress of bills and make as many mistakes as possible so they can hopefully turn into lessons that will shape us into better adults. That doesn’t mean their aren’t horrible aspects of being a teen (the constant feeling of being awkward, anxiety toward an uncertain future and not being able to legally drown your troubles at a bar being a couple downsides) but I always hope that the youth after me don’t take their freedom for granted. Music provides a nice window to those carefree times and “American Teen” is a solid preview of what’s to come for Khalid full length release next month.

Are you feeling Khalid’s “American Teen”? Let me know in the comments! 
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