Highlights From 2017’s Grammys 

While my interest in the Grammys (or any award show) has declined over the years, I can’t deny that 2017 was a good year to catch the prestigious event. Twitter came in clutch with the updates and reactions since I missed the show and I need to share a couple moments that were easily highlights of the night: 
1. Beyonce Continues To Win At Life 

Beyonce continuously stole last night’s show as the glowing goddess graced us with her pregnant presence alongside her content family. From the utterly mesmerizing performance of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” (Which still has me pondering how Beyonce continues to top herself) to her lovely acceptance speech for ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’, and all the audience reactions throughout the night, even though the ‘Album of the Year’ award wasn’t given to the monumental Lemonade album, her impact speaks volumes to her place in the music industry and the recognition she continues to deserve. 

2. Adele Pulls A Gretchen Weiners With ‘Album of the Year’ Award

Speaking of ‘Album of the Year’ Adele graciously accepted the award for her sophomore effort 27 and let the world know who she thought should’ve took the award. Seeing artists share their love and respect for other artists never gets old and to see Adele fully express her love for Queen B is priceless. 

3. Chance The Rapper Wins ‘Best New Artist Award’

Chance The Rapper had a breakout year in 2016 with his third mixtape Coloring Book receiving endless praise and accolades. While the independent artist reached mainstream heights, Chance is still the humble, talented and hardworking person that his fans fell in love with during his 10 Day and Acid Rap days so to see him win three Grammys including one for ‘Best New Artist’ has me very proud to be a fan of the “Same Drugs” Chicago native. 

4. Rihanna Didn’t Win…Anything


How did Rihanna not win ANYTHING at this year’s Grammys?? For a second let’s ignore the fact that the Barbados superstar had the most anticipated album of last year or back to back hits that are most likely still on the charts. Anti is Rihanna’s best work and proved to the world that she can do more than release hits. I get that the ‘Album of the Year’ category was stacked with serious competition (Refer back to #1 and #2 of this list) but I would’ve loved to see “Work” grab ‘Record of the Year’. Or “Kiss It Better” taking ‘Best R&B Song’. Rihanna may have left the Staples Center with an empty diamond encrusted flask and no shiny trophy, but the carefree demeanor of the life of the party will remain prominent in gif form so aren’t we all winners in a way?
5. Lady Gaga Overshadows Metallica Performance


I’m not a huge Metallica fan but I had to mention their performance with Lady Gaga because it was sadly so funny to watch. Starting the performance on an awkward note, Laverne Cox didn’t mention Metallica before the iconic band performed their song “Moth Into Flame”.  Then after an impressive beginning to their fiery performance, lead vocalist James Hetfield mic was turned all the way down. I mean the contrast between Gaga completely feeling the rock groove with flawless vocals and Hetfield having to improvise with his dead mic is the making of sitcom gold. 
Honorable Mentions: 

Blue Ivy just existing at the show 

Solange winning her first Grammy for “Cranes In The Sky”

Flume snagging an award for his album Skin

The Chainsmokers‘ win supplying more memes for the Internet 

Overall the Grammys was probably entertaining to see live this year. Let’s hope they start rewarding diverse talent, new talent and deserving talent (Let’s stop Leo-ing Beyonce guys). 

What did you think of this year’s Grammys? Let me know in the comments! 

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