Fifth Harmony Is Even Better Together With First 2017 Performance 

“We ain’t worried bout nothing / We ain’t worried bout nada!”

These are the first lines sung in harmony by the unstoppable ladies of Fifth Harmony (aka the only reason anyone tuned into the People’s Choice Awards). The transition from five to four has been pretty smooth so far but this first performance as a foursome couldn’t be taken lightly. Last night the girls performed their smash single “Work From Home” to a lot of unsure eyes and I was content with what I saw and excited for what’s to come. 

After starting the song with the commanding lyric restructure, each member got a chance to shine as their name flashed brightly on a huge screen on stage. The all black and thigh high boots complimented their grown and sexy appearance and their presence definitely screamed we’re a group and ready to take on the new year. While the performance had a few hiccups and a couple of unnecessary notes, I can see Fifth Harmony having a strong third era if they get serious about a few things. 

First off, every performance from now on has to be close to perfect because haters are looking for any moment where they can bring up Camila’s significant influence in the group. “Work From Home” was bound to sound a little off because Cabello tends to have a familiar run or adlib to their songs so the tweaks in arrangement helped. Their stage presence and choreography was another win for 5H last night and I want to see even more flawless dance moves in the future. But most importantly the 7/27 artists need to hone in on their own sound. 

When you look back at their singles from “Sledgehammer” and “Worth It” to “Work From Home” and “All In My Head (Flex)” the only connection between them is that they were made to be hits on the radio. I understand that each member has a genre that suits their voice and Fifth Harmony was marketed as a diverse girl group that’s influenced by a range of sounds but I think that trend of following whatever’s popping at the moment puts them in a top 40 box that they are better than. Artists should have the freedom to experiment and I definitely don’t want them to stick to one thing but I want them to find their signature sound. When I hear a 5H song I want to know that Ally, Lauren, Normani and Dinah contributed to the song beyond going in the studio to lay down their vocals and those voices are the only ones I could imagine singing it. 

2016 was a big year for Fifth Harmony and as long as the ladies are on the same page and the Epic label puts their support into them, I can see them cementing their status as true artists and a real group. I mean look at last night. The PCAs was Fifth Harmony’s night! If they weren’t being hounded by photographers on the red carpet, they were being mentioned throughout the night because people are fascinated with this group. I’m rooting for you guys…please don’t make this a “Damaged” Danity Kane conclusion (I’m still not completely over the potential of DK3). 

What do you think of the new and improved (?) group? Let me know in the comments! 

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