The Pregame: Blocks, Shots & Rejection

The Podcast:

On episode seven of The Pregame I shared my thoughts on relationships and rejection. Starting off with the cringeworthy situation between Leah Mcsweeny and Michael Che. Rejection can hurt whether it be on an iMessage thread or in person and I wanted to give some tips on dealing with that hurtful feeling (or how to turn someone down without being an asshole). The conversation later led to blocking and giving advice to people who asked questions on Reddit’s dating advice section. 

With this episode I decided to not add background music and I think I like the outcome. While the music added a party-like effect to previous episodes, I also felt like it drowned out my thoughts at times so it could be easy to tune out what I’m saying and that isn’t a good thing when it comes to a podcast. I also had to deal with the background noise of barking dogs which was a very annoying challenge but I made it through and realized that I might have to start recording my episodes a little earlier in the day. Overall I enjoyed the process and I can’t wait to do it again this week. 

The Mixtape: 

I have a lot of good vibes on this episode’s mixtape but TBH all I’ve been listening to is Sza’s “Drew Barrymore”. I shared my love for the emotional track on here so check that out but I’ll list my top five from The Pregame Mixtape: Vol 7! 

  1. “Drew Barrymore” – Sza 
  2. “Do U Dirty” – Kehlani
  3. “Issues” – Julia Michaels
  4. “Lose” – Travis Scott
  5. “On Hold” – The XX 

Check out the episode/mixtape below and tell me what you think:

Stream Vol. 7 Mixtape: 

Apple Music: HERE

Tidal: HERE

Spotify: HERE

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