Noah Cyrus Continues To Impress With ‘Almost Famous’

When Noah Cyrus unexpectedly dropped her soothing debut single “Make Me (Cry)” back in November, I quickly became addicted to the catchy duet. From the underlying warm production with pounding electronic elements to Cyrus’ vocal chemistry with U.K. chart topper Labrinth, “Make Me (Cry)” was a perfect introduction to the world and I’ve been excited to hear more. The 16 year old newcomer surprised fans with a taste of her debut album a couple days ago with the release  of an acoustic performance of a new song called “Almost Famous”. 

“Almost Famous” has Cyrus reminiscing on past love and showcasing the emotion that can be felt through her powerful voice. “You were the right face at the wrong time love / I only wish I woulda known it,” Cyrus confesses in the beginning and as “Almost Famous” progresses it’s hard to deny the potential of this rising star. Noah will automatically be compared to her older pop star sister Miley for obvious reasons but after hearing “Make Me (Cry)” and “Almost Famous”, I hear two different artists at two very different stages in their careers.

With two solid singles, an ability to perform live and a nice presence, I’m interested to see where Noah takes her career. I’ll definitely be looking out for her full length release. 

What do you think of Noah Cyrus latest single? Let me know in the comments!

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