Little Mix Turns Heartbreak Into A Potential Smash Single ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ 

Life constantly gives artists the perfect material to write a song. 

Remember that crazy night at the club? Turn that moment into a dance banger. 

Want closure from that girl that wouldn’t talk to you in highschool? Write a love song and turn that sadness into millions. 

And that fuckboy that broke your heart…well Taylor Swift’s discography should give you a clue on how to get over the heartbreak. 

Little Mix just dropped a new single and the girls decided to channel the loss of a relationship  into a scathing break up record. “Shout To My Ex” is guitar driven, pop stormer with a slight country feel and infectious chorus that is extremely reminiscent of fellow girl group GRL’s hit single “Ugly Heart”. While I’m not a fan of Little Mix’s latest effort from my initial plays of the song, I’m interested in hearing their fourth album Glory Days. Their last album Get Weird definitely made me take notice of the talented ladies and their growing stage presence (Example: their performance of “Black Magic” at the BRITs). I’m excited to hear what else is on this record and how it’s going to impact the U.K. and hopefully the states. 

What do you think of Little Mix’s latest single? Let me know in the comments! 

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