Machine Gun Kelly Drops New Single ‘Bad Things’ With Camila Cabello

Machine Gun Kelly has always been killing it on his own terms. Whether the “Wild Boy” is selling out epic shows, dropping consistent mixtapes and albums or adding to his IMDb resume, there isn’t a lack of projects to support with the latest being a new single titled “Bad Things”. Sampling Fastball’s rock ballad “Out of My Head”, MGK raps about a love that feels too go to be bad and it has radio potential written all over it. From the hook that will be stuck in your head after a couple listens to Camila Cabello’s pop appeal, “Bad Things” should be a win for both of them. 

But I can’t help but think of Fifth Harmony’s inevitable end. While I want all the girls to have the freedom to do their solo thing, I hope they don’t lose sight on the power they have as a group. With 2016 being a huge year for them, they still have a lot more records to break and at least two more albums in them before they work toward solo success. I don’t want to be one of those harmonizers that has to bring up the group whenever they do their solo projects but the idea of the work they put in as a group going down the drain when they haven’t even reached their peak makes it hard for me to watch them consider giving up their “Anything Can Happen” possibilities. I mean “Big Bad Wolf” needs a proper follow up at least! 

Are you feeling Machine Gun Kelly and Camila’s new single “Bad Things”? Let me know in the comments! 

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