Ariana Grande is Your Dream Soul Cycle Instructor For ‘Side To Side’ Visual

Before Ariana Grande dropped her Hannah Lux Davis directed visual for her latest single “Side To Side” from Dangerous Woman, the high ponytail goddess gave the world a taste of what was coming with a workout centered performance on the VMAs. While leading a group of girls in a spin class, Grande belted out her breezy tune and showcased an aesthetically 80s fitness theme (Maybe this will help with the wave of athlesiure?). The music video takes that concept to the next level. 

The “Side To Side” visual leads with an intense, coordinated, Soul Cycle session with your girl Ariana G leading the focused class. I feel like lit floors and blue lights suitable for a stage would be distracting during a workout but that’s just me. The polished visual is dominated by the neon pinks and blues taking it back to the 80s when all the girls worked on their fitness in aerobic classes wearing outfits not far from the ones featured on Ariana Grande and her guest star, queen of rap Nicki Minaj

There isn’t too much intricate choreography in this visual but the moves Grande hits are done with a sense of confidence that continues to grow with each release and is always great to witness. Minaj comes through toward the end to drop a couple bars in a sauna with ripped men and club lighting. As usual, the Pinkprint mogul kills it and has me wondering how long I’m going to have to wait for another album or even mixtape release. 

Overall, the “Side To Side” visual is full of hair flips, light exercising to avoid excess sweat (don’t want to look too busted coming out of that spin class) and not so subtle Guess product placement making this video perfect for anyone looking for motivation to start working on their fitness (or at least look like you work out). I’ve said it in the past that I’m tired of popstars relying on their looks to carry music videos so I’m glad that Grande at least added a concept for her latest single. Let’s hope it helps push “Side To Side” up the charts. 

Is “Side To Side” your new workout anthem? Let me know in the comments! 

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