Teyana Taylor Stars in Jaw Dropping Visual For Kanye West Track ‘Fade’ 

On Sunday night Kanye West appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards stage with the task of creating another moment worthy of crashing social media sites and giving news outlets their next headline for the week. West went over his four minutes of allotted time to give a passonate speech hitting all of the typical Yeezy main points like inspiring the kids, applauding his internet breaking wife and saying BROO a lot but Kanye was just introducing the main event. After his discussion on “Famous” and his merchant role models West dropped a jaw dropping visual for “Fade” off his latest album The Life of Pablo

Calling the visual for the pulsing track “sexy” or “steamy”is a bigger understatement than Kanye crashing the VMAs stage in ’09 to let the world know that Beyonce had the greatest video of all time. The 80s Flashdance influenced visual has the underrated G.O.O.D Music artist Teyana Taylor showcasing her sculpted post-baby body inside an empty gym with the runway ready track blaring in the background. Teyana is a fitness goddess as she utilizes every muscle in her body to match the trance like vibe of the song. 

The execution in Taylor’s moves are FLAWLESS. The triple threat has been dancing for years and the control she has while hitting that choreography shows it. As the visual progresses the tension builds up with each move, having most viewers that don’t spend their time perfecting their bodies in the gym wonder when it’s time for the cool down part of the workout. When Teyana is on the floor matching the heavy hitting bass the video fades to black with the assumption that we have reached the climax of the high octane and it’s time to grab our ice packs because we’ll be feeling that workout in the morning but there are still a couple more calories that need to be burned. 

The next scene has Teyana Taylor’s husband Iman Shumpert joining her in the showers after an intense workout looking to turn the heat up a little higher. This visual is raw passion, art and a stunning representation of one of my favorite tracks from The Life of Pablo. Teyana Taylor instantly became a trending topic on Twitter after the premiere of the visual with tweeters applauding the singer’s impressive body and performance but I’m going to need those people to head to google and do their research on the VII knockout if they had no idea who she was before this visual. 

Taylor has numerous collaborations under her belt with hit makers like Pusha T, John Legend, Chris Brown and of course Pablo himself. Let’s not forget her slept on debut album XII and visuals to go along with it that showcase her soulful vocals and dancing abilities. I hope that Taylor uses this hype and drops something to keep everyone’s attention because her talent is evident whenever you see or hear her and that talent deserves to be admired as much as her appearance in the “Fade” visual. 


Are you familiar with the “Fade” star? Tell me in the comments! 

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