OTW Playlist – Aug 2016 (Featuring Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa, Kehlani and More) 

August officially comes to an end tomorrow and I couldn’t let a month pass without a playlist of songs that have been stuck on repeat. Usually I like to make these OTW playlists earlier and add songs throughout the month but with moving to a different state (post coming soon) and trying to acclimate to the post grad life, I got a little distracted… But no worries, I’m here, the playlists are lit and Frank Ocean had to make me keep my Apple Music account because of his exclusive album Blond so look out for a couple exclusive tracks on the Apple Music edition of this month’s list. Let’s get into what’s been on rotation:
Cool Girl – Tove Lo  

I’ve literally listened to this song at least once a day since Tove Lo dropped the icy bop on August 4th. “Cool Girl” is full of attitude and the most satisfying beat drop that leads to a commanding hook that I guarantee will be stuck in your head before the song is over. Expect more smashes on Lo’s second studio album Lady Wood coming soon! 
Champion Lover – Nina Sky

Aside from burning up the charts in the early 2000s Nina Sky hasn’t gained much fanfare from the mainstream audience over the years. The independent twin duo has been on the grind creating some fire for the dancefloor and “Champion Lover” is an example of how underrated the “Move Ya Body” ladies are. “Champion Lover” is a pounding, dancefloor affair with the ladies letting their men know they got the number spot in their hearts. Get into this banger. 
On Purpose – Sabrina Carpenter 

Give me a Disney star that has personality, can act and has the talent to ascend to pop star status and you’ll have my attention. When Sabrina Carpenter isn’t busy collecting checks for her role on Girls Meets World, she’s gearing up to take the music world by storm with an incredible voice and ability to pen a great song. “On Purpose” is Carpenter’s latest example of her growing star power and I can’t wait for listeners beyond Radio Disney to pay attention. 
With huge recent releases from artists like Britney Spears and Frank Ocean what have you been listening to this month? Let me know in the comments! 

Stream this month’s OTW playlist below: 

Tidal: HERE 

Apple Music: HERE 

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